AI Sentiment 2021-05-04

Report meta data

Report timestamp: 05/04/2021, 09:39:14 (UTC)


Twitter updates: @AlternativeAna2

Reading guide: TBA

Background Medium Articles: Medium page

More information and dashboards: Alternative Analytics

Full trend, sector and narrative dashboards: here aggregated sentiment report - This report shows current state of the market based on alternative data. The report is build on the premise that emotions and narratives are becoming more key in capital markets. For more information on methodology please find background articles on the Medium page.

Top level chart shows AI classified emotions of outings on various mediums, so news headlines, Tweets and Reddit posts.

Second row shows various indicators of sentiment relative to either the SP500 or the VIX. One can change the displayed timeframe with the buttons or range slider below the plot.

Finally thirth and fourth row show data from the Alternative-Analytics narrative, sector and trend reports. They show the change in sentiment (row 3) and the level of sentiment (row4)